By Kerri Rider

Growing up, I wanted to one day accomplish "great things" for God. I imagined working with the poor in remote African villages or moving to the deepest parts of the Amazon jungle. This was my very specific idea of what good work looked like.

During my college years, God helped me see that he accomplished "THE great thing" through Jesus' death and resurrection. I wasn’t sure, however, what this meant for good work and whether or not I should eventually move to a far-flung region of the world—until the Gotham Fellowship. 

Nine months of theological study and weekly discussion reshaped my perspective on the intersection of faith and work. I learned that God certainly (and thankfully!) calls some to Africa and the Amazon. But, he also wants us to serve in business, politics and art. Every industry is part of His creation, including public relations, my current field of work.

The Gotham community challenged me to think about God’s redemptive process in the communications sector. How do I help companies tell their stories well? How do I work with the media, a powerful cultural influence? What is broken and what is honoring to him? 

I wrestle with these questions daily but rest knowing that God is present in all types of work. I am incredibly grateful for the Gotham Fellowship and pray that God continues to shape my thoughts on faith and work in the years to come.