Saturday Night

at the Clam King

“I think I’ve always been an old soul. My two best friends when I was little were my Grandmother and my Great Aunt. And now in my thirties, I look back at the things they did for me, an example is the story I’m going to tell, and those things have new (additional) meanings for me. When I was little, they showed their love to protect me and my confidence. Now as an adult, the new (additional) meanings (to the story I’m telling) define who I really am, an artist whose art comes from the heart.” -Adam Wade, Storyteller

Adam Wade, originally from New Hampshire and is a 20-time Slam Champion (18 StorySlams 2 GrandSlams) at The Moth. He’s been heard on NPR’s Snap Judgment, All Things Considered and The Moth Radio Hour. He’s been featured in the New York Times, Village Voice and Time Out New York. He’s been seen on Comedy Central, ESPN and the NFL Network. He currently writes a blog about his beloved 80-year-old Italian landlady

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