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Professor Peter Heslam casts a Kuyperian vision of differentiated responsibilities that work together to form a flourishing and diverse city.

Dr. Peter S. Heslam is based in Cambridge (UK), where he is Director of Transforming Business and a research associate at the Cambridge Institute on Religion and International Affairs. He particularly works closely with the business academics and business leaders and is a prolific writer, speaker, researcher and commentator on the socio-economic role of business. His academic background includes social science and theology, and he holds degrees from Oxford and Cambridge. His publications include a book on the Dutch thinker, social entrepreneur and former Prime Minister, Abraham Kuyper. Peter lectures to university and business audiences around the world and has been Director of the Entrepreneurial Leadership Initiative at Oxford; Director of the Capitalism Project at the London Institute; the Convener of JustShare; and an Adviser to the Archbishop of Canterbury on the issue of globalization. The recipient of a number of awards, he is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a member of the International Leadership Association and an adviser to Beyond Profit, Entrepreneurial Leaders, and to the journals Faith in Business Quarterly and the Journal of Markets and Morality.


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