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The Built


By Jonathan Agrelius

I seem to have a successful track record of underestimating what it is that God can do.  Our Vocational Intensive was a short, three-month immersive program that wrestled with the question of how, specifically, the gospel interfaces with our work as architects, urban planners, builders, engineers, real estate financiers and sales agents.  

As a leader, I hoped that our cohort would catch a vision of the beautifully nuanced ways that God is redeeming our industries through the gospel and that the enormity of the gospel includes not only our personal salvation but the restoration of all of creation. I honestly thought this was a big enough vision for our group.  Not only did God meet this expectation, he surprised us by growing some in areas of prayer, some in greater heart transformation, and others in a profound shift of worldview. For everyone, God seemed to have brought us to a deeper and richer understanding of the gospel than I thought would be possible in such a short time frame.  

What started as skepticism has ended with a dynamic new perspective and energy to see the redemption accomplished by Christ applied to “every square inch” of creation, including our work — good news for our city!

Are you looking for ways to explore your calling this year? This spring, consider deepening your faith and work integration with a 3-Month Vocational Intensive. Intensives follow similar contours to the Gotham curriculum framework, exploring how the gospel is at work transforming our hearts, communities, and the world, and are led by Gotham Alumni. Over the course of nine weekly 2-hour meetings and three Saturday sessions, participants learn in community how to apply theological content and biblical truths to everyday work life, creating a more meaningful and sustainable integration of faith and work. Visit to register or for more information.