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United Young:

CFW Pitch
Night Winner

By: TJ Loeffler, Co-Founder / United Young

She quit. He quit. And I quit, too. We were employees. Now we’re United Young. The three of us. Kathleen, Jonathan, and TJ.

We’re a mission centered technology company. And we’re building an app for you. For Church. Your church.

Five months ago seems like yesterday! We went from CFW’s Pitch Night, to signing documents for incorporation, to launching a pilot version of the app in our home church in East Village, to meeting with pastors all over New York City, to getting free office space through WeWork’s Entrepreneurship Program, to starting discussions about fundraising…

That’s where we are today. But here’s the back story:

Our app is a project we resurrected from Jonathan's teenage years. Before there was Facebook, Jonathan had created a similar social platform for Christians in the Netherlands – his home country. There were thousands of members on the site! They were organizing events, finding new friends, and even getting married! But the project lost momentum when he moved to the US. To New York City.

The three of us met in the basement of NYU three years ago. At a church community group. Jonathan and Kathleen got married. Then TJ moved into their neighborhood at the beginning of this year. Which allowed everyone to reconnect. At another church community group.

As we grew in friendship, we quickly found a common heart for belonging. We also learned about our complementary skillsets. So it wasn't long before we saw the opportunity to start a company together. Kathleen resigned from a role in digital design at Code & Theory, Jonathan resigned from a role as founding instructor at App Academy, and TJ resigned from a role as a sales analyst at Goldman Sachs.

Today, at United Young, we’re using technology to help strengthen and grow the local church. One Church, on one app.

Here’s why​:​

The local church stands for community. As one body. Through a shared commitment to follow Jesus. But community requires more than just a casual encounter on Sundays. It requires ongoing active interest, and engagement in the lives of those around us. To support each other’s needs.

But therein lies the problem. How can we start to engage in each other’s lives, to grow as one body, when we hardly know each other’s name?

For starters, we need an invitation. ​​

In a world where most of your information is public, our private selves still need an invitation to connect with others. On our own time. And in the right space.

And while there’s an app for just about everything, the local Church has yet to find a home on our phone. To see who’s in the pews. To start, or simply strengthen a relationship. So we can grow deeper in community.

We welcome you to join our community! Use the instructions below to sign-in to the “Demo Church”. We encourage potential investors, church partners, or curious followers alike. This demo version is a web app, so you don’t need to download anything.

Just send your first and last name via text to (646) 887 3366. You’ll receive a text with the app!