2016 Faith & Work Conference - Call for Papers

Faith & Work

Call for 

Theme to Explore: This November 10-12, the annual conference hosted by the Center for Faith & Work will examine the theological implications of our vocational relationships with evolving technology. The word technology itself bears so many associations that its essence has been rendered at once elusive yet pervasive, covering a range of definitions while still occupying shado...

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CFW Artists-in-Residence explore “Givenness”



The Center for Faith & Work is pleased to announce our 2016 Spring Artists-in-Residence. Inspired by Marilynne Robinson’s recent collection of essays The Givenness of Things,applicants were asked to craft proposals for new work prompted by the theme ofGivenness. To quote Robinson:  An etiology that implies a lower order of complexity than our given experien...

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Startup Pitch Night Winners



On Thursday, April 28th, CFW hosted its second annual Start-Up Pitch Night, an evening designed to celebrate entrepreneurship and promote innovative gospel-centered businesses and initiatives. CFW seeks to encourage and support entrepreneurs with bold visions to start new for-profit and non-profit ventures that seek to bring gospel-centered renewal to New York City and beyond. Judg...

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The Gospel of Etsy

The Gospel
of Etsy

By Penelope Morgan When I started staying home with my daughter Cecily, I fulfilled a dream and started my own handmade business. In February, I opened a shop on Etsy, selling children’s accessories, toys and décor. is an online marketplace for handmade or vintage items. Amazingly, offers 35 million items for sale from 1.6 million sellers worldwide...

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The Cave and the Cathedral: Meaning-Making in the Dark

The Cave
and the

in the Dark

Why do human beings make art? Is art an essential part of what makes us human? Drawing on the film Cave of Forgotten Dreams, which reveals the recently discovered Paleolithic cave paintings from Chauvet, France, author Gregory Wolfe delves into the way art both makes and discovers meaning. Along the way, Wolfe explores how art and the religious sense have been...

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When Work Feels Fruitless

When Work

By: Leah Hollingsworth My primary work is as a mother. I have several advanced degrees and I spend hours sitting on the floor, wiping runny noses, or standing in the kitchen, washing dishes. Many days, it seems like everything that I do backfires. It is easy to feel like what I’m doing is a waste of my time and education. I know that raising kids is about delayed gratificatio...

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