Why Tell Stories

Why Tell

Tim Keller speaks to actors at Redeemer about the way God uses storytelling and the importance of that medium to God's kingdom. 

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Firstfruits Art Exhibition

Firstfruits Art

An art exhibition given in 2008 by the Arts Ministry of the Center for Faith & Work.

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Work and Cultural Renewal

Work and
Cultural Renewal

By: Timothy Keller I am often asked: “Should Christians be involved in shaping culture?” My answer is that we can’t not be involved in shaping culture. To illustrate this, I offer a very sad example. In the years leading up to the Civil War many southerners resented the interference of the abolitionists, who were calling on Christians to stamp out the sin of slave...

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The Fellowship of Gotham

The Fellowship
of Gotham

By: Lori McNally Relief! Relief—the first wave of emotion I felt upon hearing the announcement of The Gotham Fellowship at one of the west side evening services. Like many young, career-minded adults in the city I initially came to New York to pursue my dreams and aspirations. My occupational goals happened to be within the theatre. But as my time spent in this city barreled ...

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How Lawyers Are Part of Shalom

How Lawyers Are Part of Shalom

By: Rev. Scott Sauls In John 14:15 Jesus tells us of the “Counselor” who will be with us forever. In the original Greek, the Counselor is the paraklete or Advocate—the One who, like a good Attorney, comes alongside us to support us, encourage us, defend us, and counsel us. It is significant that this Advocate is described also as “the Spirit of tru...

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Edison X Jeremiah = ?

X Jeremiah
= ?

Ei featured in an article by Calvin Chin in Comment, an online magazine.

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