Stranger Than Materialism


By Christopher McNerney In 2013, the philosopher Thomas Nagel rocked the discipline of philosophy with the release of his book, Mind and Cosmos: Why the Materialist Neo-Darwinian Conception of Nature Is Almost Certainly False. Nagel, no friend of theism, argued “if the mental things arising from the minds of living things are a distinct realm of existence, then strictly physi...

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Faith & Work Conference Poll Results

Faith &

Poll Results

When you imagine your work or industry 20 years from now, do you feel mostly... A) Hopeful - 41.3% B) Terrified - 1.1% C) Motivated - 22.6% D) Uncertain - 30.6% E) Cynical - 4.4% When you use your smart phone, do you mostly feel a sense of... A) Wonder - 10.3% B) Anxiety - 24.0% C) Anger - 2.2% D) Joy - 4.2% E) Connection - 59.2% Does your faith influence the way y...

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Faith &


Jardine, Murray. The Making and Unmaking of Technological Society: How Christianity Can Save Modernity from Itself. First Edition edition. Grand Rapids, Mich: Brazos Press, 2004. Kelly, Kevin. What Technology Wants. Unknown edition. New York: Penguin Books, 2011. Noble, David F. The Religion of Technology: The Divinity of Man and the Spiri...

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Nicholas Kristof, Tim Keller and John Inazu: Civility in the Public Square

Tim Keller
and John

Civility in the

Christian faith demands a high view of human beings. If Christians are indeed called to compassionately steward our respective polities, then we are also called to a kind of civic engagement that wisely assesses our state of affairs with the type of nuance that transcends a liberal/conservative divide. Our public discourse, then, requires conversation over obstruction, vulne...

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Civility in the Public Square

in the Public

By Tim Keller This month I will join with Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times and John Inazu of the Washington University Law School, to discuss “Civility in the Public Square.” This could be read as nothing more than an appeal for people to be nicer to one another. However, I hope it will be an introduction for many to a much more crucial and ambitious pro...

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Poet Christian Wiman to receive CFW's Inaugural Artist Fellowship

Poet Christian
receive CFW's
Artist Fellowship

The Center for Faith & Work is pleased and honored to announce our inaugural Artist Fellowship to world-renowned poet Christian Wiman. CFW's Artist Fellowship will be periodically awarded to artists that have established an extensive body of work with notable contributions to their field. It is created with the flexibility to supply a range of resources for established artists...

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