The 2018


Announcing the Gotham Fellowship class of 2018!

Gotham is a nine-month program that provides theological, spiritual, and relational foundations required for meaningful and sustainable integration of faith and work.

Alan Geygan
Alex Lee
Ali Bickelmann
Andrew Fuqua
Angela Afandi
Anne Boccato
April Bang
Ben Daus-Haberle
Benjamin Hsu
Brad Wilson
Brittany Gahan
Carisa Cotera
Carly Orléach
Casey Drummond
Chad Burgess
Ching See Lau
Daniel Crosby
Elizabeth Park
Essay Worabo
Esther Lee
Eunice Shin-Lai
Frederic Repond
Gabriel Seidel
Gavin Thompson
Hanna Yesuf
Hetty Kim
Hilary Merlo
James Chen
Jennifer Estebo
Jennifer Tharp
Jessica Repond
Jinny Ree
Joanie Brittingham
Jody Porowski
Jonathan Flores
Kate Rhodes
Katie Rodammer
Kelly Stapleton
Lewis Headden
Mark Engle
Marvin Hohertz
Mason Mandy
Matthew Perkins
Meredith Stapleton
Mike Kumaresan
Pedro Borges
Rebecca Oh
Rebecca Timms
Richard Lai
Ruth Leary
Soo Kim
Stephanie Cunningham
Stephen Carlson
Stewart Bachan
Tanya Elshahawi
Ty Popplewell
Vanessa Leong
Vincent Kim



The Soul of Work: Presence

The soul houses how and why we do what we do. It’s the epicenter of reform, continually seeking to mend what’s broken, always driving towards the unseen. David H. Kim investigates what it means to work form the soul, to add depth, thoughtfulness, and passion to our most basic skills and loftiest goals.

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Judith Shulevitz: Sabbath in a Time of Unrest

In the city that never sleeps, restlessness can feel like our default mode of existence. Yet God has equipped us with tools and promises that bring rest even in the most unrestful times. In this video, author Judith Shulevitz (The New Yorker; NY Times) discusses the impact of a loss of Sabbath in a culture of restlessness.

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While we humans have devised and employed technology for thousands of years, the ever-faster digital revolution has transfixed our attention and raised fundamental questions about what lies ahead for our species. Can we hope to maintain a "human" frame of reference for the future? Against the blandishments of "transhumanists" with their naive narrative of the superiority ...

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