Lecrae Moore: Influencing Culture

resultSell out. Lecrae Moore has heard this a lot recently. The accusations are not because the Grammy Award-winning hip-hop artist was an indie underground sensation who has now become popular in mainstream culture. No, the accusations have come from people in the church who are angry that he is now sharing the stage with non-Christian rap artists like Wu-Tang Clan and Common, in addition to appearing frequently on BET. In a recent Huffington Post article,  Lecrae spoke about his efforts to break free from what he calls the “Christian ghetto” and the uphill battle it has been. This article is not just for those who enjoy hip-hop, but for anyone who is wrestling with what it means to influence culture as a Christian through their work and art. In reading it, I couldn’t help but be reminded of Jesus and the tax collectors. Why would he eat with tax collectors and sinners and not just stay with “his people”? Why would Jesus want to build relationships with them? Because the kingdom Jesus is ushering in is for the tax collector and sinner. May our work and art not just push us to relationships with those within the church but outside.

  • Jason

    Amen. As a culture, christian creatives have become afraid. Afraid of having our work rejected by the world and rejected by our church. It’s hard enough to find the bravery to challenge one mindset let alone two. But that’s the position we find ourselves in all to frequently. I for one have prayed for the courage to not only show christ to the world, but to also show christ through creativity to my local church.