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JUNE 14, 2018

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The Benedictines lived by the motto Ora et Labora, or translated, Work and Prayer.  They understood the inseparable nature of prayer and work as the whole of their work was done in communion with and in service to God.  Today, we need the Spirit to open our eyes to see the importance of our daily work and how it is an extension of our worship.

In our work of resourcing and training pastors and lay-leaders we see the great need and importance to start with prayer.  Prayer shapes our expectations and experience of daily work as we learn to turn to and depend on the one who calls us.  To that end, we'd like to point you to a 30-day journey of prayer for our cities written by individuals from a variety of industries who desire to see the gospel expand not only their vision for their work but the good that it brings to the city.  

Each of these prayers can be used personally (daily for a month) or corporately to supplement the prayers you lift up to the Lord.  We hope they will help you pray more specifically for the work that goes on in your city each day. As you pray through them, may your vision for the work you do enlarge, to the glory of God.

You can purchase Praying for the City: A Month-Long Journey of Prayer for Various Industries to start praying for your industry and for your city. 

The CFW Team




Lisa Hertzog is the Executive Director of Teacher Effectiveness for the New York City Department of Education. Dr. Hertzog has led the work of creating professional development, resources, and job-embedded coaching to support the implementation of NYC’s teacher development and evaluation system. In this lunchtime conversation we will explore the challenges and inspirations of the education field through a gospel lens. More>


"Ice Cream, Work, and Liturgy" by Hannah Eagleson. 
I didn't expect ice cream to be such an important part of the most recent conference I attended.  In April, I participated in the Formed to Work for the Glory of God conference...  More>


By Michelle Choi.
We can only see ourselves in the context of what we experience, and sometimes interruptions shift our understanding of life.  I took the Faith & Work Intensive during a two-year period of personal growth and discovery...  More>



In this video resource, Pulitzer Prize winning author Marilynne Robinson (Gilead, Home, Lila, and Housekeeping), speaks about her latest work, What Are We Doing Here?, a sagacious collection of essays that explore the mysteries of faith and the climate of American cultural and political life. She and CFW Executive Director David H. Kim engage in an in-depth conversation on the author's illustrious body of work, her rigorous and scholarly devotion to the humanities, and how it all has intersected with her own personal faith. More>

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