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The Gotham Fellowship is a community of peers, from diverse backgrounds and vocations, who are committed to each others’ spiritual growth and calling to serve the common good of the city. Below are a few personal reflections from Gotham alumni and current fellows.



Geoffrey 250

Geoffrey Allen
Gotham Fellow, Class of 2015

Gotham excels in rapidly forging natural, tight-knit communities."

For Geoffrey Allen, a creative strategist, “New York has been a great place to work. The plurality of industries and nearby cities provide ample opportunities for interesting and meaningful work.” Originally from the East Coast and the South-Central U.S., Geoffrey moved into the city in 2008 and was soon introduced to Redeemer’s Center for Faith & Work and Gospel & Culture conferences. This sparked an interest that led him to co-lead a vocational group for marketing professionals called Creative Communications Group (formerly A.D. Agency), join a 7-week and a 3-month Vocational Intensive, and eventually apply to the Gotham Fellowship.

Although he was familiar with some of the readings in the Gotham curriculum, Geoffrey was drawn to the idea of discussing the texts within community. He admits that the financial commitment for the program made him think twice about applying. However, he decided to apply and made a final decision to commit after being accepted.   

Looking back on his Gotham experience, Geoffrey was impressed by how quickly his cohort developed into a close community. “Gotham excels in rapidly forging natural, tight-knit communities, which is sometimes rare in New York. The friendships and content have a profound impact on you.” Throughout the 9 months, Geoffrey and his cohort explored how individual heart change can lead to renewal in our broader culture and society.

A few years out from his Gotham experience, Geoffrey brings that worldview into his work today. “If we, individually, are what is wrong with the world, then I have to start by examining myself. Am I contributing to a healthy work environment where employees, clients, and vendors are excited about projects, job security is reinforced; and everyone is compensated fairly? Does my industry promote or undermine human dignity, a healthy society, and innovation or cultural development?”


April Bang
Gotham Fellow, Class of 2018

*Photo by Anthony Artis

"Before Gotham, my identity was in my work, and work was a way to prove my worth. . . I now see work as an expression of loving God and God's love and grace working in me to bring renewal."

I was born and raised in New Jersey and moved to Seoul, Korea when I was ten years old. I moved back to the United States for college and started a job in the financial district in NYC right after graduation. Currently, I am a doctoral candidate in the Adult Learning and Leadership program at Teachers College, Columbia University. Prior to my studies, I taught leadership to undergraduate students in Seoul, where I discovered a passion for teaching and leadership development. Before teaching in Korea, I was living in NYC and working in the non-profit sector in the area of international criminal justice reform, which was also incredibly meaningful.

I heard about Gotham through friends who were alumni or current fellows. I would run into friends in the city, and they would ask if I had heard about Gotham. They would tell me about their formative experiences in the program and suggest that I consider applying. Friends who were fellows would also invite me to gatherings with other fellows, or I would see fellows participate in CFW events together. Whether through people sharing about their experience with me or what I observed, I could sense there was something special shared, by way of experience and relationships, among the fellows in community.  

Before Gotham, my identity was in my work, and work was a way to prove my worth. This drove me to focus on my performance as a way to earn approval or acceptance, which frequently caused stress and anxiety and drew me away from community outside of work. Through Gotham and after Gotham, I now see work as an expression of loving God and God's love and grace working in me to bring renewal. This has allowed me to approach work and community from a place of love, deeper rest in my heart, with greater purpose and freedom, as well as with a clearer sense of calling and vocation. I am also now more intentional about infusing prayer and seeking community support and accountability in all that I do for work, for that is where I feel faith will be sustained and ongoing transformation can happen.

Thinking back on my Gotham class, the experience of exploring idols of the heart and going deeper in community at the retreat in January stands out for me. In Life Together, Dietrich Bonhoeffer discusses the practices of confession and communion as a way to "final breakthrough" to community. I felt the retreat provided a space for the beginning of such a breakthrough for me and other fellows. Here, we were able to let our walls, masks, and guards down and move past our idealized expectations of community and of ourselves to share more honestly and listen to each other with care and compassion and without judgement. Bonhoeffer in Life Together states that “Just as love to God begins with listening to His Word, so the beginning of love for the brethren is learning to listen to them” (1954, p. 97). And in this space, I felt we were able to listen, embrace, and "see" one another more authentically, not only from the place of our strengths, affinities, and met expectations, but also from, or perhaps even more through, our brokenness, fears, struggles, insecurities, and disappointed expectations. As a community, we were learning how to bear each other’s burdens, love unconditionally, and help each other grow, and this was transformative as it was precious and beautiful to witness and encounter.

In allowing myself to be more vulnerable, honest, and open during Gotham, I experienced greater freedom and trust in God and an expanded capacity to love and be loved in relationships and community. If you have that desire to integrate faith with work and grow spiritually and personally in community, I would say that Gotham is a commitment worth making.


Daynan Crull
Gotham Fellow, Class of 2010

"I went in expecting theological training, which I received, but I was surprised by the deep impact of my brothers and sisters."

I love cities and objectively speaking, New York City is the greatest city in the world. I currently work as a data scientist and get to work with 3 things I love: data (bonus: mostly related to cities!), science, and people who love data and science. I was born in Los Angeles, raised in Colorado, and moved to the city after college. It felt like home right away and has remained that way since. NYC is an amazing laboratory of weirdness and innovation and creativity. While it frustrates me in the ways it frustrates everyone, I'm at home here.

I didn't really know much about Redeemer’s Center for Faith & Work at the time I applied and even less about Gotham. I was referred to Gotham by a friend, who later went through it herself. My first impression was that it was an intriguing way to learn more applied theology. I was interested in deepening my understanding of theology in a "meaty" way not available outside seminary, while applying it to my career at a formative and transitional time for me.

When I applied to Gotham, I was unemployed and feeling like a failure coming from a recent career venture. It didn’t seem like I was the right audience for this program seeking "leaders" hitting their strides in their careers. More practically, I was hesitant to apply because of the time commitment. I needed to find a j-o-b first. Thankfully, I had people in my life -- my parents, grandparents and friends -- who saw through my perception of failure and recognized this as a great opportunity to strengthen my understanding of what I believe.

The amazing fellowship with my cohort is one of the things that stands out the most about my experience. I went in expecting theological training, which I received, but I was surprised by the deep impact of my brothers and sisters. Gotham also profoundly shaped how I see myself and my work. It strengthened my framework for dealing with success and failure and how God uses both to help us engage with our community. I also now find myself approaching my work with more humility and more hope.


Leah Hollingsworth
Gotham Fellow, Class of 2014

"I’ve learned that brokenness is to be expected, and it’s okay to grieve it."

I grew up in Texas and loved NYC as a kid. I had been living on the East Coast for 8 years before moving to New York. I was attracted to the energy of the city and moved here for a two-year fellowship organized by Carnegie Hall, Juilliard, and the NYC Department of Education. I intended to stay for a few years and then move somewhere "real" to live and start a family.

I am currently a full-time mom and a part-time freelance musician, writer, and arts administrator. Very few of my colleagues in the music world are believers and equally few who are my age have kids. Their careers come first. When I applied to Gotham, I was looking to grow in my faith, be challenged, and think about God in my work in and outside of my home in a deeper way. My husband really encouraged me to do it and was incredibly supportive. I was new at getting babysitters for things other than work, and my husband encouraged me that this was "important enough."

I loved how intentional every single aspect of the program was, the depth of perspectives offered, and the intellect that drove the program. Gotham profoundly shaped my worldview and shifted it 180-degrees from how I had previously thought about work, brokenness, and the hope that we have. Gotham was my first introduction to the idea of the "already but not yet" worldview, that we are living in a broken world that will someday be redeemed.

Having gone through Gotham, I’ve learned that brokenness is to be expected, and it’s okay to grieve it. Just as God honors and values all work, I also now strive to do the same -- to treat the mailmen and trash collectors with as much respect as I do our pediatrician, for for example. I also have to shift how I view my own work that feels mundane or menial -- like changing diapers or cleaning dishes -- and see it as valuable, respectable, godly work. My job is to be faithful with the work that I've been given, and I tell that to my kids all the time. One of my kids has been given an intense but wonderful school, and sometimes he complains about the workload or the discipline necessary. I tell him, “this is the gift - and the work - that God has given you.” I have to remind myself of that in my daily life, especially when I'm in a season that feels like my own intellectual and vocational desires are a bit dormant while I serve my family.


Jon Lee
Current Gotham Fellow, Class of 2019

"I’ve reflected on my life and discovered just how involved God was in shaping my career."

At first, I had a very narrow-minded view of Gotham. I believed it was only for those who wished to further their knowledge of theology. In our church, it was very clear that there was a special community amongst Gotham fellows and alumni, however it felt incredibly exclusive. Even though I felt Gotham wasn’t right for me, I still wanted to be involved in our church community. One of my close friends at Redeemer mentioned that he was applying. For a driven person like him, Gotham made a lot of sense, but not for me. Then I spoke with two Gotham alumni who highly recommended me to apply. Rather than promoting Gotham’s in-depth theology teachings, they both mentioned that Gotham really shifts your perspective on everyday life. I realized that the two of them had a thankful perspective in their life and viewed the world in a different lens. Furthermore, they also mentioned how Gotham’s real intention is to apply the Gospel and teachings into our vocations, something that attracted me to the program. I still had some hesitations about the program --  I anticipated most of the teachings would again cater to those in more common New York vocations, like finance and law. Yet, their perception on everyday life attracted me to the program despite these doubts.

When I was accepted into Gotham, I really struggled deciding whether to commit to the 9 month program. At the time, I was ushering, leading CG, attending a men’s group, and organizing an annual ski trip for Redeemer congregants. I knew I would have to drop several of my commitments in order to fully experience Gotham, but in my heart, I feared I was letting people down. I prayed and discussed with my friends about whether Gotham was right for me. In the end, I decided to go forward with Gotham and trust that God would provide in areas where I would be stepping down. God surprised me in many ways. I moved into an apartment with one of my close friends. He and another friend were willing to lead my old CG. When planning for the ski trip, many of my friends helped organize and take partial ownership of the logistics which lightened my load. Looking back, I knew I made the right choice and God was guiding me all along.

Gotham has truly surprised me over the last 7 months. I have grown with an incredible community and I continue to learn new parts of our faith that I have never considered. The encouragement and sharing of burdens within our cohort gives me courage and motivation to seek God for handling my career and life. I’ve reflected on my life and discovered just how involved God was in shaping my career. I’ve become more thankful for simple blessings God had bestowed upon me. I feel more blessed to be surrounded by Christian and non-Christian colleagues who continue to mentor me and grow me professionally. My cohort taught my aspects of our faith that increased my sense of beauty and wonder of God. Finally, Gotham revealed the Gospel in a new light where I feel proud to identify with Christ.

Some people see Gotham and are intimidated by the commitment and intensity of the program. My advice for anyone who is still on the fence about the program is to answer the application questions. They are a great way to reflect on your spiritual journey and to analyze the brokenness within your vocation. From there, pray to God about the questions you answered to see if you need to dig deeper. If you choose to do Gotham and God blesses you with this opportunity, I believe it will be one of the most life-giving, encouraging, and growth you can experience as a Christian living in New York City.


Hilary Merlo
Gotham Fellow, Class of 2018

"Gotham has helped me understand that the work I am doing is a part of bringing God’s kingdom to earth as it is in Heaven."

As I reflect on my life, I recognize that I am sum of people and experiences that have poured into me, and my work and Gotham are two very strong influences in that. I am privileged in that as I entered the workforce from college, I happened to be surrounded by people who talked about the importance of the integration of faith and work. I was molded with the idea that work was and is important to the flourishing of a community. So, in 2015 when I moved to New York and heard about Redeemer and the Center for Faith & Work for the first time, I was absolutely floored that there was something like the Gotham Fellowship and knew I had to apply.

As excited as I was about something like this, I was nervous when I began the program because I had never studied some of the things in the curriculum before and felt like I would be totally intimidated by the people I’d be in class with. However, it took about 10 minutes into the first retreat to see how amazing this community was that I would to get to live life with for the next 9 months. The best way to describe it is that the Gotham community is as safe space. It’s safe to learn, process, pray, seek, and to throw theoretical grenades of questions about doubt or application of the gospel. It’s a group of people committed to your knowing God’s love for you. A group of people praying with and for you. A group of people loving you.

The other apprehension I had in applying was that “this wouldn’t be a good year to do this” because of how busy I am with work – classic New Yorker, right? I am a general manager for an education fundraising startup and it is very quickly growing. I feared this would negatively impact my work because I wouldn’t have time for both. Applying to Gotham was an act of faith for me. “God, if you want me to do this fellowship this year, I pray you would have them accept me and I’ll trust you and do it” is what I prayed. I’ve seen the Lord do things in my understanding of my impact on the people I work with. I’ve seen him teach me how to let go of this death-grip of control I have on the things I care about, and in my understanding of how I am an agent of reconciliation for God’s Kingdom through my work. It has helped me not just think in the morning or evening about my faith, but to really have a functional belief about God that I am living in and out of. It’s helped me understand how richly loved and secure I am. And that the work I am doing is a part of bringing God’s kingdom to earth as it is in Heaven.

Doing hard things is scary. Applying to Gotham might take some faith. But I encourage you to do it. In the process, you might just learn a little more about yourself and about God.


Yumi adachi opt

Yumi Adachi

Consultant and Project Manager

Yumi has over 7 years of HR, consulting and project management experience. She is passionate about leadership development and is committed to creating a positive impact at the individual, team and corporate level. Yumi grew up in Los Angeles and Honolulu Hawaii and received her Bachelor’s degree in International Studies from the University of California San Diego and her MBA from the Yale School of Management. In her free time, Yumi likes to spend time with friends and explore New York City.

Ruth bildar opt

Ruth Blidar

Associate Director of Executive Education, IEOR Dept. at Columbia University

Ruth is the Associate Director of Executive Education in the Industrial Engineering & Operations Research Department at Columbia University. She works with executive education programs for financial services professionals. Ruth received a bachelor's in History from North Park University and a master’s in International Educational Development from Columbia University. She previously taught in Chicago and abroad as a Fulbright grantee.

Braxton boren opt

Braxton Boren

Acoustics and Audio Researcher

Braxton is an acoustics and audio researcher. He was awarded a Gates Scholarship to attend the University of Cambridge to research acoustic simulation. He completed his PhD in Music Technology at MARL, the Music and Audio Research Lab at NYU. Since 2014 he has been a postdoctoral researcher working in spatial audio over headphones at Princeton University.

Patrick briaud opt

Patrick Briaud

Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors

A native Texan, Patrick came to New York in 2014 for a position with Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors. He is passionate about the flourishing of donors as the seed of social good – within the individual, then to the world. The road to New York included a BS in engineering from UC Berkeley, professional tennis, private wealth management, the Trinity Fellows Academy, and an MBA from Yale.

Christian bruan opt

Chrisitan Brink

Programmer, Startupland NYC

Christian is a programmer and serial troublemaker in Startupland NYC. He hopes to one day see 'rapper', 'filmmaker', or 'public intellectual' next to his name on Wikipedia.

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Colleen Castle

Advertising Account Manager

Colleen Castle is an advertising account manager and loves the idea of brand building, seeing the impact of compelling communications, and producing beautiful creative work. She is from Baltimore, MD which means she is a fan of the Ravens, eating crabs, and putting Old Bay on everything.

Result 3

Jennifer Cha

Marketing and Brand Strategy


Teddy Cha

Teddy is Jennifer's husband, tech entrepreneur, New Yorker. Currently he's the CEO and cofounder of pulseData, a team of data scientists partnering with healthcare companies to eliminate preventable sickness.

Andrew chan opt

Andrew Chan

Ministry Representative, International Students Inc.

Andrew was born and raised in New Jersey in a nominally Christian home. He attended Boston College and graduated in 2005, as well Brooklyn Law School where he graduated in 2009. Once an agnostic leaning toward atheism, he was later saved by Christ on March 25, 2013. Andrew is now a ministry representative for International Students Inc. and a self-employed attorney trying to culturally renew the personal injury field of law. He's also an experienced snowboarder, solid ping pong player, poor basketball player, and 20-25 stroke handicap. He tends to be self-righteous about sushi.


Result 5

Sarah Chang


Sarah is a born and raised New Yorker. She graduated from Parsons School of Design in 2007 and has worked in the fashion industry for over 8 years in creative, retail buying, and account management capacities. She currently lives on the Upper West (best) Side and finds joy in time spent with family and friends, cultivating new friendships in NYC, and growing her faith and knowledge of the gospel at Redeemer Presbyterian Church.

Sharon chu opt

Sharon Chu

Family Physician

Sharon was born in India and grew up in NYC. She is a family physician currently serving in Staten Island. Her professional interests include HIV/AIDs care, understanding and diminishing health care disparity, and delivering evidence based primary healthcare to the most underserved. She is happily married and loves spending time with her husband and son.

File opt

Bess Cozby

Associate Editor, Tor/Forge books

Bess is an Associate Editor at Tor/Forge books, where she acquires adult, young adult, and middle grade titles. She is also Web Editor for the creative writing website,, and a YA fantasy writer. A native Texan, she now calls the Upper West Side and Redeemer Presbyterian home. She’s honored to be a member of the class of G16.


Leighton Cusack

Co-Founder, Kindrid App

Leighton lives in Williamsburg and attends Trinity Grace Church Williamsburg. He co-founded Kindrid and currently leads product there. He loves chatting about startup ideas!

Elise crull opt

Elise Crull

Assistant Professor of Philosophy, The City College of New York

Elise researches and teaches about the historical and philosophical foundations of quantum mechanics, gravity, space and time. She is also passionate about classical music (spectating, participating, composing), reading classic works of fiction, exploring mountain ranges, drinking single-malt whiskies, and eating geometrically shaped foods.

Sean davis opt

Sean Davis


Sean Davis is an actor in theater, film and television. 

Jonanathan megerory opt

Jonathan Macgregor Dickson

Actor & Comedian

Jonathan is an American actor, comedian, and connoisseur of all things Southern. He has appeared in such shows as 30 ROCK, Boardwalk Empire, as Professor Blackjack on the History Channel's Breaking Vegas series, and can be seen dancing in the romantic drama, The Notebook. Jonathan loves sweet tea and biscuits. Find him at

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Molly Donohue

Client Technical Advisor, Education Tech Startup

Molly Donohue is a client technical advisor at an education technology startup and is passionate about advancing what is possible in education. A retired Army brat, she now resides on the Upper Eastside and loves to live, leave, and return to NYC.

Mia everett opt

Mia Everett


Mia is a native Philadelphian. She graduated with a BA in English literature from Spelman College in 2002. She matriculated to Harvard Medical School in 2003. In 2012, she completed post graduate medical training at the University of Pennsylvania in General Psychiatry. She completed Child and Adolescent Psychiatry training at NYU in 2014 and a Public Psychiatry Fellowship at NYU in 2015.

Result 2

Dawoun Jyung


Dawoun is a middle school math teacher. Through the stories of her students and her own experience of growing up in an immigrant family, Dawoun developed a passion for providing quality education for all children. Prior to her current role, Dawoun was a Teach for America corps member, worked in Africa and Latin America with various NGOs, and most recently worked at the NYC Dept. of Education as a Program Manager. Dawoun received her B.A. from Wellesley College and Masters in Public Policy from Harvard University.


Wally Larson

Wally is originally from Phoenix, Arizona but has lived in New York City since 1995. He is a "lawyer's lawyer" who serves as internal advisor for an international law firm. A member of Redeemer Downtown, through Hope for New York he helps men in the Bowery Mission's program with cv prep.


Wilson Lin

NYCEDC | Urban Innovation | Fintech, Impact Investing

Husband to an incredible wife. Son of resilient immigrant parents and big brother to fantastic sister. Born in NYC. Seeking to build economically flourishing + socially just cities for all people. Currently working to make financial services and real estate in NYC more innovative, just and inclusive. Previously strategy/management consulting @Deloitte, @UBS, @IBM.

Bookworm @University of Pennsylvania + @University of Michigan

Result 1

Soo Mi Park

Soo Mi Park, MD, FACC, is board certified in cardiovascular disease and internal medicine. She is a diplomate in adult comprehensive echocardiography and nuclear cardiology. Dr. Park earned her medical degree from Columbia University. She completed a residency in internal medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital and a fellowship in cardiology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Montefiore Medical Cneter. Dr. Park graduated cum laude with a bachelor of science degree from Yale University.

Elise poisson opt  1

Elsie Poisson-Vitet

Senior Program Manager, Port Authority of NY & NJ

Elsie Poisson-Vitet is a wife and mother of four wonderful children. She holds degrees in Management and International Business. She works at the Port Authority of NY &NJ as a Sr. Program Manager for the Chief Operating Officer. Elsie has a passion for public service but also enjoys caring for her children, traveling with her husband, supporting his work in ministry, and spending time with family and friends. She loves the diversity of God’s kingdom and continues to grow in her faith.


Rohee bree opt

Bohee Rhee

Immigration Attorney

Bohee Rhee is currently an immigration attorney at a nonprofit organization and enjoys working with immigrants who are making their lives in the US. She grew up primarily in Queens and is a proud graduate of New York City public schools. Bohee received her B.A. from the University of Virginia and her J.D. from Brooklyn Law School.

Lisa sighn opt

Lisa Singh

General Medicine

Lisa was born in British Guyana into a Christian family and moved to New York City at the age of six. Her training for a career in General Medicine took her to Albany, NY and then back to New York City, where she currently works in Urgent Care after working in New Zealand. She enjoys traveling, cultural cuisines and spending time with loved ones.

Ed opt

Ed Sirya

Assistant Pastor, Redeemer East Side Congregation

Ed grew up in Providence, Rhode Island but has always been a New Yorker at heart. He found his calling to ministry while working at a biotechnology start up, and he graduated with his M.Div from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in 2009. Since starting at Redeemer in 2011, Ed has been able to combine his love for people and the city. On his days off, he enjoys exploring the different neighborhoods of the city, finding new places to read, eat and ride his bike. Ed loves living on the Upper East Side with his wife, Rosalynn.

Ed is an assistant pastor at Redeemer Presbyterian Church's East Side congregation.

Esther su opt

Esther Suh

Vocational Program Manager, Center for Faith and Work

Originally from San Diego, Esther moved to NYC in 2010. She started working at Redeemer in 2013 and joined the CFW team in 2014 where she manages and supports various courses, events and conferences. She loves the city and is passionate about building relationships and creating opportunities for others to connect and grow in their faith and work.

Geofrery taylor opt

Geoffry Taylor

Musician and Educator

Geoffrey Taylor is a musician and educator who focuses on jazz and improvisation in non-traditional settings.

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Haley Wright

Director of Marketing and Communications

Haley currently works as the Director of Marketing and Communications for BNY Mellon Corporate Trust. She has worked in marketing and communications with organizations across multiple industries and geographies for more than 15 years. She moved to New York City in 2013 after living for seven years in Washington, D.C. Haley grew up in Austin, Texas, and received both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Baylor University. Haley is also passionate about orphan care in our city and around the world, volunteering with The New York Foundling and Many Hopes.

Wilbur yen opt

Wilbur Yen

Healthcare Systems

Wilbur works in the field of healthcare delivery system transformation at a local hospital system. Prior to his current role, he worked for the New York City health department directing federal funding to support programs for people living with HIV/AIDS. Wilbur hails from Seattle and came to New York City in 2008 to pursue his Masters in Social Work and Public Health. He and his wife met in Kyrgyzstan while serving in the Peace Corps, and live in Jackson Heights, Queens with their cat, Henri.

Result 1

Jabez Yeo

Born in Singapore, Jabez grew up in Vancouver before studying at the University of Pennsylvania. During college, Jabez met Christ personally and was part of Full Measure, Penn’s Christian a cappella group. Since graduating with degrees in Biology and Finance, Jabez has been working with Citigroup. He is an avid Canucks, Cubs and Eagles fan and loves trying new food!

Result 10

Alexander Amadeo

Pianist, Music Director

Originally from New Orleans, Alex attended the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts|Riverfront for Piano Performance. Alex holds degrees in music composition form Syracuse University and the Manhattan School of Music where he now works in the Peter Jay Sharp Music Library. Alex is the Music Director for Resurrection Brooklyn Heights.

Result 5

Tim Cantwell

Venture Capital CFO

Venture Capital CFO. Finance and Engineering background. Degrees from Wharton and Embry Riddle. Married to Amanda. Lives in San Francisco. Attends City Church SF.

Result 1

Sally C.

Sally has been living in New York since 2014 by way of Hong Kong and Virginia. She works in Finance and has a passion for how money affects people and our world. She lives by Lincoln Center with her sister and loves having Central Park as her backyard.

Result 5

Alan Charnock

Playwright, Production Analyst

Alan moved from Texas to NYC in 2011 to pursue theatre and playwriting, and worked with Coney Island USA and Lone Star Theatre Company. He has worked in education technology since 2014 and is currently a Production Analyst at Zearn, an online math curriculum and education program. He is a student at RTS NYC campus and lives in Queens with his wife Amy and son Earnest.

Result 3

Crystal Chen

Doctoral Candidate for Education

Crystal is a doctoral research fellow/candidate in education at Teachers College, Columbia University. Formerly, she was a high school English teacher. As of 2016, she is embarking on a new venture, founding a non-profit media network + platform for public research, a product of her Gotham cultural renewal project.


Liza Sohn Cho


Liza Sohn Cho coordinates programs and supports volunteers at The Open Door NJNY, a nonprofit organization serving immigrant families. She was previously an attorney for the New York City Law Department. She attends Joy Christian Fellowship in Englewood, NJ and lives in Hackensack, NJ with her husband. Liza enjoys browsing bookstores, eating ethnic food, hiking, and taking road trips.

Result 4

Priscilla Damaso


I've worked in the education field for seven years and currently teach sixth grade reading at KIPP Academy Charter School in the Bronx, NY. I live in the Bronx and attend Redeemer Upper West Side.


Lisa Hertzog

Lisa Hertzog is the Executive Director of Teacher Effectiveness for the New York City Department of Education. She leads the work of creating professional learning opportunities, resources, and job-embedded coaching to support 1700 schools with implementing NYC’s teacher development and evaluation system. Her interests include urban education, equity, and meeting the needs of diverse learners. Lisa also is a deaconess of Redeemer Presbyterian Church and serves as a community group leader.


Jessica Hong

Community Group Director, Redeemer East Side

I'm from Philly, attended Bryn Mawr College, received myMaster of Divinity from Westminster Theological Seminary and am currently a Community Group Director for Redeemer's east side congregation. More importantly, I love the Philadelphia Eagles. I'm lucky to be an aunt, a sister, and a daughter.


Vivien Sin


Recently moving back to Hong Kong after 17 years being in the U.S. including 5.5 years in NYC, I miss Central Park, tons of great museums and all the summer fun in the city.

Result 2

Ryan Tang


Ryan is a partner at a tech consulting company in San Francisco where he attends Reality SF Church. His interests include assisting the homeless through various local charities and exploring the outdoors. Prior to moving to SF in 2015, Ryan was a tech consultant at EMC where he attended Redeemer UES and was also a member of the HFNY Young Supporters Committee and the Morris Academy Mentors program.

Result 8

Kyle Westaway

Kyle Westaway is the author of Profit & Purpose. He's Managing Partner at Westaway - a law firm for social entrepreneurs - and he teaches a course on social entrepreneurship at Harvard Law. Every Saturday he sends out an email on innovation, impact and growth called the Weekend Briefing.

Result 2

Leah Hollingsworth


Leah Hollingsworth is a freelance violist and a writer for The Strad, Strings Magazine, and the website Off the Page. She is a member of the IRIS Chamber Orchestra (Memphis, TN) and performs regularly in New York as a chamber musician and as a substitute with the American Ballet Theater, New York Choral Society, and the Orchestra of St. Luke’s. Leah blogs at

Result 1

Basil Kim


Basil is a native Midwesterner who has lived on the East Coast for 20 years (11 of those in New York City). He is an attorney, and his career has focused in the areas of managed care, health law and transactional/regulatory matters. Basil currently serves as Regulatory Counsel at Oscar Health.

When he's not trying to disrupt the healthcare system, Basil enjoys cycling, photography, golf and exploring the city with his wife and children.

Result 3

Chantal Kim

Nonprofit Management Consultancy

Chantal is ethnically Korean, born in Montreal, raised in London and now living in Brooklyn – so a typical New Yorker. After working 10 years in the corporate world as a management consultant and at a hedge fund, Chantal came to NY in 2011 to study a Masters in Global Affairs and is now working at a nonprofit management consultancy working predominantly with Korean American nonprofits. In her spare time Chantal loves to bike and eat all that NY has to offer.

Result 4

Megan Knapp

I’m a farm girl from Nebraska who moved to NYC to pursue a career as a professional opera singer. I’ve been in New York for five years and am a member of the Redeemer UWS congregation. I’m passionate about the special way that music reflects God’s light into the world and has such power to stir our souls.

Result 1

Daniel Chun


Daniel Chun is a former intellectual property attorney and legal project manager. He earned his engineering degree from Lehigh University and his law degree from Brooklyn Law School. His clients have included Fortune 20 companies and multi-national law firms.

Daniel is known for being a calm but strong voice for his clients in high-pressure situations. He is adept at bringing clarity and focus to the process while doing so with integrity. Daniel’s clients most appreciate his level of engagement with their needs and his attention to detail.

For Daniel, real estate is a passion. He recognizes both its incredible investment potential as well as the significance of how close to the heart “home” is to his clients. Daniel calls Brooklyn Heights home, with his wife and dog. He is an active leader at his church and, in his spare time, he enjoys golfing with just about anyone.


Linda Harris Dolan

Poet and Editor

Linda Harris Dolan is a poet, editor, and professor. She holds an M.A. in English & American Literature from NYU, and an M.F.A in Poetry from NYU. She edits for both literary and corporate clients and has taught for The King’s College and NYU. Her work combines poetry with interview and photography to explore histories of medicine and the sick body.


Jessica Edelman

Director of High School Placement and Alumni Support

Jessica Edelman currently serves as Director of High School Placement and Alumni Support at Equitas Academy Charter School in Los Angeles. Prior to this, Jessica worked on the Teach For America-New Jersey staff team and as a classroom teacher. She enjoys traveling, cooking, reading, and visiting the east coast to spend time with friends and family, especially her first nephew. Jessica earned an M.A. from Teachers College, Columbia and an B.A. from Wheaton College.

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Aya Hayashi

PhD Candidate, Musicology

Aya Hayashi is a PhD Candidate in musicology at The Graduate Center (CUNY). She is currently writing her dissertation on musical communities within science fiction/fantasy fandom, with the hopes of completing it by May 2017. She also works as the assistant director for the teen theatre program at the Main Street Theatre & Dance Alliance, as a tour guide for Big Onion Walking Tours, and as an adjunct lecturer at Hunter College.

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Norm Mui

Norm started a full service development shop (websites and apps), advises start ups and is running tech startup events. He and his wife are expecting their first baby in November 2016.


Andrew Nemr

Tap Dancer/ Choreographer

Mentored by Gregory Hines, Andrew Nemr is considered one of the most diverse tap dance artists today. An international performer, choreographer, educator and speaker, Andrew’s work explores tap dance as a vehicle for storytelling and community building. He has played with Grammy Award winning musicians across multiple genres, founded and directed the tap dance company Cats Paying Dues, and co-founded the Tap Legacy™ Foundation, Inc. (along with Hines).

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Joseph Selvidio

Corporate Attorney

Joseph is a corporate attorney living in Brooklyn and working at an investment bank in lower Manhattan. He attends Redeemer Presbyterian Church's downtown congregation. He's on Hope for New York's board of directors, and the Gotham Fellowship's alumni council. He's also an avid sailor.

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Melissa Waheibi

Deputy Director, U.S. Department of State's Foreign Press Center

Melissa Waheibi is the Deputy Director of the U.S. Department of State's Foreign Press Center office in NYC. They promote U.S. policies and work with foreign media covering the United States. Prior to the State Department she was a U.S. Air Force officer stationed around Europe and at the USAF Academy. Originally from Rochester, NY she's mastered driving in snow, and much of her free time is spent with wildly awesome teenagers who are part of the youth groups she volunteers with.


Julia Wattacheril

Physician Scientist

Julia Wattacheril is an assistant professor and translational scientist at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in the Center for Liver Disease and Transplantation. As a transplant hepatologist, she serves as the Director of the Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) Program.  She previously trained at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX (residency) and Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in Nashville, TN (GI fellowship) but came to NYC for transplant training — and stayed on faculty. She is currently using an integrated genomics approach to studying NAFLD in all of its complexity. When not working, she is usually climbing rocks/in dirt somewhere in the world.

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Emily Chau

Strategy and Finance, Playstation Network

Emily works in strategy and finance at PlayStation Network in Los Angeles, after spending 6 years working in magazines. As a Strategic Analysis Manager for PlayStation Vue, a streaming live TV player, she is interested in digital media, OTT, streaming, more. Emily is happy to talk about media, switching careers, and applying to business school.

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Haejin A. Shim

Litigator and Business Law Attorney

Haejin is a civil litigator and business law attorney practicing in NY, NJ, and PA. She is also an entrepreneur who founded her law firm, Shim & Associates, P.C. She serves on the board of 4 nonprofit organizations involving poverty relief, legal aid, public policy, and oversees missions.  She is a passionate advocate for God's justice and long-time supporter of International Justice Mission.

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Sarah Grover

Redeemer City to City

Virginia born and raised, though New York City was always my home. Trying to read, listen to, visit, and discuss everything; succeeding (sort of). Married to a wonderful man, and enjoying the life we lead together. Always in the market for a running buddy.

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C.J. Masimore


C.J. Masimore is a public interest attorney and most recently served as the Executive Director of Open Hands Legal Services in New York City from 2011 - 2016. During her tenure, she was named one of the New York Law Journal’s Rising Stars and awarded the Christian Legal Society John D. Robb Christian Legal Aid Award.

C.J. currently resides in London, England with her husband (G'12) and two sons (G'36 & G'39).

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Jonathan Ng

USAID Attorney

Jonathan is currently the USAID attorney for Power Africa, President Obama's initiative to double electricity access throughout sub-Saharan Africa. He is also an adjunct faculty member at Georgetown Law, teaching a course on social entrepreneurship and the law. Previously, Jonathan was general counsel at Ashoka: Innovators for the Public and an associate at White & Case. He is part of the Gotham '11 class. He and his wife, Lauren, live in Arlington, Virginia and attend Grace DC Downtown.

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Daynan Crull

Sr. Policy Advisor, City of New York’s Department of Information Technology

Daynan is a Sr. Policy Advisor for the City of New York’s Department of Information Technology. He had previously served in the Mayor’s Office of Resiliency working to rebuild and strengthen NYC’s infrastructure after Hurricane Sandy. He loves cities and the complex systems that support them and is currently getting an M.S. in urban informatics to continue feeding this curiosity.

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Kimberly Robinson

Planning, Evaluation and Research Officer, W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Kim is a developmental psychologist by training who enjoys applying research and evaluation to solve important problems. She has worked in urban public education and now in philanthropy, seeking good questions to propel informed decisions. She enjoys running, afternoon tea, and planning events of all kinds.

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Esther Larson


One of six kids which means life’s never dull. Grew up in Phoenix, school in the South, lived abroad in Paris, and NYC Downtown’s now home. Work in the nonprofit world at Hope for New York and love that my job involves helping all New Yorkers flourish in His name. Can’t get enough of barre, live jazz, and dark chocolate (not all together!).