Faith & Work Courses

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Faith &


Join us for a 7-week introductory level Faith & Work Class. This cross-vocational course will focus on 7 different Bible passages from which we will gain insight concerning God's intention for our work. We will be weaving spiritual practices, daily devotionals, and group discussion together in community. Classes are held at Redeemer's Offices in midtown.

Our Fall 2019 class will meet weekly on Wednesday evenings from October 2 to November 13. Registration will open in August


  • "These 6 weeks were some of the most powerful and encouraging in my life, and I'm forever grateful."
  •  "I feel that I have a much greater understanding of God's intent for work as well as how we are to relate to it in this imperfect world. I also really appreciated the group discussions and hearing both from my table mates and the larger class their views, experiences and questions.
  • "The holistic nature of the course, incorporating individual reading, didactic teaching, spiritual formation and fellowship over a meal was impressive/effective/fun!"
  • "I had never connected my work to God's purposes so although very challenging, the class has helped provide a reframing of work and how I should be thinking of that and identity and purpose."